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Restaurant in Monemvasia


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Mylolithos Restaurant in Athens


Mylolithos Restaurant is finally completed. Enjoy!

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Triopton Architects is an innovative architecture and urban design studio located in Athens, Greece. With each project the firm explores new ways to produce creative and fresh thinking that combines the programmatic and functional essence of a building with the human perception and scale. The unique character of a program and a site becomes the starting point for an architectural idea. Triopton endeavors to obtain a deeper experience of time, space, light and materials.

Triopton Architects studio has participated in national and international architecture competitions and is honored with publications and exhibitions.


influx office

The architecture and urban design studio Triopton Architects is located in Athens, Greece and specializes in the field of design and construction. Triopton Architects offers comprehensive architectural design, urban planning and design, formulation of interior private and professional spaces, decorative applications, execution and supervising of construction operations regardless of scale.

Our goal is to produce architectural projects that combine functionality, build quality and high aesthetic quality with particular emphasis on energy and bioclimatic design. Our working team has significant expertise, experience, design concept and also the know-how of the latest technology equipment and software covering the full spectrum of architecture and overall design concepts. Triopton Architects consists primarily of architects, city planners, interior designers and decorators, 3D rendering experts, graphic designers and is also cooperating with several consulting engineers from different scientific fields .

The basic principles that define Triopton Architects is that the uniqueness of each project design is determined by a set of parameters that are specified by every single space along with its particular features, its utilization possibilities and of course according to the needs and requirements of each customer. The architectural composition is approached by a people-oriented perspective and according to its special characteristics aiming at a balanced relationship between functionality and aesthetics.

We always act according to the following steps in order to complete a project and deliver high quality in buildings and sites:

1. Property mapping and property evaluation

2. Architectural design and implementation study. Deposition of the required paperwork to any town-planning agency/office. Issuance of building permits based on the current legal requirements and change of use of an existing building and subsidized programs.

3. Arrangements of semi-open spaces and arbitrary structures, energy certificates and certification by engineers

4. Interior design and renovation study

5. 3D photo realistic rendering depicting in a realistic way the future picture of the design and detailed construction plans that insure the customer from any continuous changes in the cost and also serve as an indisputable proof the final result.

6. Supervision, full coordination and construction of projects with a strict cost accounting standards and time management of the project implementation enabling safe transition from planning and design to construction integrity of the final product.


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